Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are the most effective way to get straight teeth, fast. Do you feel conscious of your teeth? Do you try and hide your teeth when you smile? If so, then our Six Month Braces could be right for you. 

We understand that adults do not want to have to wear metal braces for years to achieve a great smile. Our braces are clear and when looked after properly, can hardly be seen. In just six months, you could have the perfect smile!

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Why Choose Six Month Smiles?

  • They work fast - Get the perfect smile in just six months.

  • The braces are clear so there are not noticeable.

  • This is a gentle treatment, designed to move teeth slowly and with little or no pain.

  • Most people are suitable for them.

  • Our dentists are all fully trained and can answer any questions you have.

  • We provide retainers afterwards so that your teeth stay straight after your braces have come off.

Curious about clear braces? Call us today

Tips for your braces

  • Do not eat foods that will stain the wire, for example, curry. This can make your wire appear off colour.

  • You will find it difficult or impossible to bite into certain foods – bread, apples etc. Try cutting food up into smaller pieces before eating.

  • Use dental wax! The most discomfort clients report is where the brace rubs off inside your mouth. Use dental wax to cover up any sharp areas.

  • Keep up the dental hygiene! You do not want your teeth to be discoloured where the bracket was fitted due to lack of cleaning. Yes, it can take longer than your regular routine, however, this will all pay off – trust us!

You may find that your teeth can be extra sensitive for a day or two after your braces are tightened.